These Shoes Are Made For Walking…

Gladiator Birkenstock Chania Oiled Leather Sandal

In the 60’s I went more for Twiggy style and GoGo Boots than flower child and Birkenstocks.

Their anti style was not my thing. But I’ve put many high heeled miles on my poor feet and any opportunity to mix comfort with high fashion is “groovy”. When I saw this years ‘Chiana’ Gladiator Birkenstock I thought it just might be possible to disguise that hideous chunky cork sole with delicate and chic leather straps. It took 40 years but this sandal will be my first pair of Birkenstocks.

Gladiator Birkenstock

Did you know this company is 225 years old? We owe it to Margot Fraser who in the mid 60’s discovered the shoes on a trip to Germany and brought them back for exclusive distribution in the US. She couldn’t get any department stores to buy them but found health food stores as early adopters to the comfort and health benefits of Birkenstock footwear… interesting.

Birkenstock Gladiator