There’s No Sneaking Around In These Sneakers…

2480111-p-MULTIVIEWYou’ve seen the trend in sneakers… bright neon and fluorescent running shoes so popular today. They’re in the hideous Croc footwear genre for me and will be dated before they wear out. Okay for toddlers but I’ve seen them on grown men with pot bellies. Come on gals, don’t let your guys out of the house in these. Shades of black and white with a splash of silver is about as colorful as I’ll go. Well until I saw the Chanel Fall 2014 runway show. More on that below…


Don’t get me wrong I love a heeled shoe but they’re just not practical. If your goal is to move around more, which might include standing at your desk, you need a comfortable shoe. And do you really want to pack an extra pair of shoes to change into a al Melanie Griffith in Working Girl? I did this look in the 90’s, maybe you did too. I want one pair of shoes to get me through the day.

working-girl_melanie-griffith1I often stand in my closet and struggle with a way to carry off a fashionable look with sneakers. Then I stumbled upon this photo and in this case skinny leather pants with a really great Nike shoe. I fell in love, I had an epiphany. It’s possible to have a fun supportive shoe and still be comfortable and hip.

Nike Power Max 90 black and white sneakers.Of course I had to find these shoes. The closest I could come was the Nike Air Max 90 ID. You can actually create your own on their site. They have a customization feature that’s pretty fun to play with and the shoes when completed run around $145.


Not too bad, no silver unfortunately, I even added Bunny Hill on the heels. You can try it out here on the NIKE WEBSITE



I guess I’m not the only one suggesting sneakers with function and attitude… look what Chanel/Karl Lagerfeld offer for Fall 2014. OMG great minds think alike… These are a fabulous derivative. Still a little too colorful for me but I would do it. Thank you Karl for validating my expression and maybe giving us all permission to be just a little more comfortable and save our feet from further damage and deformity.

chanel-sneakers-2014The only catch with Chanel Sneakers, so I’ve heard, you can only get them with the outfit. The outfit starts at $15,000.Not in my budget, but maybe I’ll head back to the Nike site and create a new, colorful pair.


If $15,000 is out of your budget too these Nike shoes might be a good alternative. Not to bright and kind of fun.