Lenny Kravitz, on Aging Gracefully… love the pin stripe & polka dot mix


Lenny Kravitz on Aging

“I wish more women would be more natural. I think a lot of women are pulling for what society says they need to look like…changing themselves with so much plastic work. I think aging gracefully is the most beautiful. When you see an older woman who has aged naturally and takes care of herself, that’s so much sexier. I’m down for natural vibes.” —Lenny Kravitz

I’m all over aging naturally. But that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself. I think a disciplined regime of the obvious, fitness, skin care and eating sensibly is the first line of support for what’s going to happen no matter what… we all, hopefully, will get older, everyday!!!

So just say no to “plastic work”… maybe that’s why they call it “plastic” surgery.