My cynical old fart review of the 2015 Oscars in 10 points:


1. Overall: Dull
2. Soap Box Rant: Good one Patricia. As a grateful, born in America female business owner, I always paid the guys equally.
3. Worst Dress: Patricia Arquette, looked like she had a string of toilet paper flowing from her backside when she walked.
4. Best Dressed: Nicole Kidman, while not my favorite dress she looked amazing.
5. Sorry Michael Keaton didn’t win but his role probably wasn’t as much of a stretch as the guy who did.
6. Yea for Birdman
7. I didn’t know Lady Gaga was a singer. Nicely done.
8. Enough already award goes to J Lo. I’m so over the extreme cleavage look.
9. Ellen did the interact with the audience thing better.
10. Highlight, nearly nude Neil.