Going Boho At Sixty…


We did young so well…. now what?

We came of age in the sixties and now we’re in our sixties. How do we dress for this stage and not look like we’re stuck or ridiculous? Few days go by that this question is not a topic of discussion amongst girlfriends.  How short can we go with our skirts, how long can we go with our hair? Where are our roll models? I love my mom but most likely will not follow her conservative lead.  I’m a baby boomer and naturally gravitate toward selected youthful, edgy, hip styles.  Selected is the operative here. You can find pieces even in the junior department, but you have to be careful and not go overboard, mix it up. Attitude is really important, the energy you project and how you carry yourself. This attitude is basic to how you pull off any look. Take an honest look at your assets and play those up. Personally I’m not wearing skirts above my knee unless I’ve got on leggings or tights. For me the less skin I show below my hips the better. If I flash a little thigh fine but full exposure? No.  At any age it’s all about proportion and at sixty I’m adding balance to how much skin I show.  My shape is fine so clingy and sheer is okay. I can still feel sexy and have fun with fashion without over exposure. I had a flashback the other day visiting the Free People website. Their style is reminiscent of the sixties yet contemporary. Though a bit of a junior look I thought they had quite a few pieces we could do gracefully.  So if you miss the hippy look you did so well in college here you go… Leave a comment, Let me know what you think…

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Slouched and Quilted Motorcycle Jacket Military Leather Jacket
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2fer Jacket FP New Romantics Embroidered Moto Jacket
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Ruffle Your Hem Tunic Floral Intarsia Legging
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Ruffle Trim Trench Coat FP New Romantics Oversized Pullover
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Border Print Bell Bottoms FP Textured Knit Extreme Flare
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Dundee Sandal Gladiator Birkenstock
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Barclay Hip Belt Breslin Sunglasses
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Printed Pajama Shirt We The Free Rain Drop Tee