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I saw the movie Total Recall the other night. The movie was so so but Jessica Biel’s tough girl outfit was inspiring. Even my husband liked it, not sure what he liked more, the outfit or Jessica. But as I watched the movie I thought, why can’t I just tag this outfit and buy it later online. I did’nt care if it were the exact jacket or boot but something close would suffice. I┬ádid a little research and found nothing online that came close to replicating the concept in mind so I decided to start my own site. I’ve been a site designer since the late 90’s and a fashionista my whole life so it’s a perfect match. I’m very visual, others write about the costumes and their influence on the movie and they do this very well. One site I like is cloths in film. I just want to know where to “snag the look”. I handpick all of the pieces you see here, yes it’s very tedious. It’s important to me that the links are not broken so if you find a product that has sold out please let me know.

Still a work in progress, adding new outfits as quickly as I can or when I can get a movie in between my real job as a website designer, mom, wife and wannabe fiddle player. I would love to hear from you or if you have an idea for a look let me know.