Tin Cup


Stylist: Carol Oditz Roy 'Tin Cup' McAvoy: Tell me you don't at least find me a little bit attractive? Dr. [...]

Tin Cup 2015-09-05T16:46:29+00:00

The Great Gatsby


Stylist: Catherine Martin | Daisy Buchanan: "I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this [...]

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Step Brothers 2008


Stylist: Susan Matheson Will Ferrell chooses a Pablo Cruise raglan sleeve classic 70's style t-shirt for is roll in Step Brothers. [...]

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Walter White Breaking Bad


Stylist: Jennifer L. Bryan and Kathleen Detoro Walter White Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hat by Goorin Bros and Smith Optics Prospect sunglasses are [...]

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